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Rejuvenate to the max

The journey of Cocomax starts at our plantations where genuine care for local communities of agriculturists can be found, right at the heart of our coconut culture to share the best-tasting coconut water to all corners of the globe.

Cocomax is produced with passion by Asiatic to provide the best genuine coconut quality, carefully manufactured with our superior hygienic state-of-the-art cold aseptic process to ensure superior quality for pleasurable enjoyment with highest safety and sanitation that meet world-class standards.

Cocomax is 100% pure coconut water, filled with wholesome goodness from nature, yielding the best source of vitamins and minerals to refuel and revitalize what your body needs, along with all the richness of potassium and manganese.

Cocomax 100% Coconut water


Fresh from tree to table

It is unarguable that the best quality coconut milk is always made from 100% fresh, all-natural meat grated and freshly-squeezed immediately after deshelling. Ampawa strives to prove that our best-in-class product is not only the world’s first coconut milk packed in PET bottles but also the only brand which captures the best values the finest coconuts can offer: fresh qualities just like those of fresh coconut milk to spark one’s taste buds and to capture natural nutrients to best answer today’s healthy living.

“Ampawa” is the best-in-class made from a meticulous selection of the finest fresh kernels, using state-of-the-art technology to retain ultimate freshness and to yield the greatest taste of fresh natural coconut in a pure white, rich and creamy concentration, just like fresh coconut milk – an essential ingredient which is used to enhance any recipe from savory to sweet for those who love to cook and the culinary professionals.

Ampawa, avialable sizes


Coconut Value Creation

We are masters in the industry who understand the true value of coconut culture. Consequently we strive to maximize each nut to create greater value along our supply chain and answer the needs of today’s coconut lovers. Moreover, we strive to capture the unique taste and fragrance that comes from freshness and preserve it across our varied line of coconut products. Coconuts are wonderful for vegans and everyone who loves delicious and nourishing snacks. Enjoy a range of tasty, tempting and healthy experiences with our diverse coconut products.

The expanding Cocomix range spans Coconut milk, Evaporated coconut milk, Coconut water soup base, Sweetened condensed coconut milk, Coconut butter, Coconut creamer and Coconut whipping cream. Make your own delightful creation in your own way. Our coconut products provide the perfect complement to all manner of dishes, desserts, bakery and drinks.

Cocomix Value Creation


A natural way to refresh yourself

What’s the right way to enjoy coconuts?

Cocoway is the right way to enjoy coconuts. With a variety of indulgent beverages in different formats to serve your needs, we see no other brands that can quench your thirst and provide you with nutritional benefits while letting you indulge in the taste, aroma, and goodness of coconut as well as we do.

Cocoway The right way to enjoy coconuts.

Cocoway coconut beverage is more varieties of beverage product from coconut for fulfill with your health and every your activities and more format of packaging for your selecting

Cocoway, It is your healthy way!!!!

Cocoway coconut water is a truly refreshing beverage made from the finest real coconut water.

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Coconuts are good for our products

My Way

Straight from coconuts!

Refresh yourself with the tropical sensation of coconut drink that is great taste and perfect aroma like straight from coconut.

Oriental Chef

Premium & Fresh Coconut Milk

Oriental Chef is made from the finest selection of fresh kernels. Processing with breakthrough technology preserves the natural, real and exotic taste across many types of packaging. It brings you quality you can trust with a naturally white, rich and creamy texture. It is perfectly suited to cooking, desserts, drinks and pastries. Food lovers and culinary professionals alike appreciate the great versatility of Oriental Chef.


Simply fresh coconuts

Coco is the unique blended mixture coconut water with young coconut pulp that gives you a new meaning of joyful refreshment. Enjoy and indulge in the great taste.

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