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natural juice found in the coconut

has been used for centuries by local people, coconut juice reminds you of a while sandy beach the sea and a clear blue sky of the tropics. With a refreshing quality and unique natural aroma coconut juice can easily be introduced as an option to other conventional refreshing drinks, its natural quality is perfectly fits into today’s health concious consumers. Traveler who have experienced the tropics and expanding market of immigrant populations also creates a demand where fresh coconut is not available. With a modern food processing technology, we offer you a tasty and refreshing coconut juice, with a longer shelf life, marking it possible to distribute anywhere, bringing back the experience of your holiday on a tropical paradise.
225 grams of coconut water per nut

Thai coconut water


12 calories
calories is an energy from 100mL natural coconut water

0 grams of fat
grams is fat content of natural coconut water

21 mg of calcium
mg is calcium for your bone from 100mL natural water

25 mg of phosphorous
mg is phosphorous for you from 100mL natural coconut water

0.4 mg of iron
mg is iron for you from 100mL natural coconut water
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